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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:03 pm

1.) When you post, it's the same as speaking face-to-face; so be polite and think before you type. Furthermore an attempt at proper English vernacular is required. However exceptions to this will be made if English is not your first language.

2.) If you are having a problem with a fellow board member, PM either an Administrator or Moderator, these are the mods and admins who are around to solve these things.

3.) There is no censorship here, as long as vulgarity and nudity is kept to a reasonable level. No public insults or flaming, and no pornography. We are all mature enough to handle a topless micro or the occasional drunken rant. Sober rants are also permissible, provided that they aren't flaming or uber discriminatory.

4.) Frankensteining is generally frowned upon. Be sure to credit and follow the wishes of those who do not wish to be frankensteined.

5.) Please use the edit button to edit your posts within the hour. Double posting within the hour is not allowed.

6.) When you sign up, please make sure you pick a name that you want to stick with. For now, there will be no name changes.
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The Rules
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