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 Cheetah Chronicles

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PostSubject: Cheetah Chronicles   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:44 pm


Micheal Yates was once a normal kid. He was doing well in school, had few but loyal friends and lived in an ordinary house like most teenage kids. His father, James Yates, is a scientist working on a prototype sirum that can combines Animal DNA with human to give government soldiers animal characteristics. The main objective is to increase speed, strength and durability whilst in the field. They found that big cats where there best chance of succeeding and picked 3 to do tests on The animals chosen to do this where the cheetah, his sons favourite animal, to increase speed, a Panther, for its brute strength, and a snow leopard, for its jumping and blending abilities. Micheal was in science one day and the homework set was to do a paper on a science project from anytime period. Micheal decided to do it on his fathers science project, who agreed to take him to his workplace one day so he could write his paper on his fathers research. But there was a problem, one of the didnt lock the cages belonging to the Cheetahs which had already been injected with James’ sirum and gotten out of its cage, along with a snow leopard and a black panther. The alarm went off to evacuate the facility so no one was bitten by any of the animals as the human and animal dna fusion hadnt been tested yet. Micheal ran towards the exit where he was confronted by one of the cheetahs. Micheal ran for dear life the opposite way but the cheetah was too quick and dived on him. Just before it savaged him though, James’ shot it with a tranquilizer gun, but the Cheetah had already bitten into Micheals flesh. Micheal was rushed into a milatary hospital to avoid the press, wherehe was treated for his wounds. Although James and his wife where distraught, James saw this as an oppertunity to do more research secretly whilst Jason was still uncontious. Taking blood samples, he extracted the DNA and examined it. It appeared that the sirum had allowed the cheetahs DNA from its saliva to bon with Micheals DNA, making him the first Human with beast-like capabilities. When Micheal finally awoke, he felt somewhat different. He got out of the hospital bed and looked in the mirror. The bone structure in his face had altered slightly, his eyes where completely green with a black slit in both eyes and two large teeth where pertruding from his mouth. He took off his shirt to check if anything else was different. The only difference was his body was much more toned but apart from that nothing. Then he took off his pants and felt something waving behind his legs. He looked behind and he had a long furry tale! Micheal scream and his father came running in. Micheal demanded to know what had happened to him. His father told him that the cheetah that attacked him had beeninjected with a sirum that bonds its DNA with a humans to make them almost superhuman with animal characteristics. Micheal was furious and looked away. Then he felt something move on his face and tale. He looked back into the mirror and his tale was going into his body. His teeth where shrinking to normal size and his eyes where going back to normal. James was confused, it seemed that human animal hybrids could change back into a more human form at will, something he didnt expect. Micheal was allowed to leave the base, but was never allowed to show his other form to any of the public. But Micheal never liked doing as he was told and disobeyed a lot... he wasnt going to start taking orders now...

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PostSubject: Re: Cheetah Chronicles   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:44 pm



Micheal Yates - Cheetah

Jack Valentine - Shockwave

Alphonso Hernandez - Leopard

Sarah Caine - Ryder

James Yates

Megan Yates


Mecha Cheetah

Colonel McClain - The Green Gaurdian

Thomas Hertz - Panther

Army Soldier

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PostSubject: Re: Cheetah Chronicles   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:44 pm


Chapter 1 The Beginning

After being told to go home and rest by his father, Micheal had a good long thnk about what he was going to do about his new “Problem.”

Micheal: so... dad expects me to sit in the house like a good little boy and not see what other suprizes will come? He’s gotta be joking... time to see what I can do.

Micheal went doown the nearest alley way hoping not to be seen by anyone. He looked at the wall of a 4 story building and thought about about what he would do.

Micheal: hmmm... Cheetahs arn’t really built for jumping, or climbing in fact, but I can give it a shot.

Micheal leaped off the ground as hard as he could. He got half way then fell back down into a bin.

Micheal: Ow... That was a bad idea... But I can jump much higher now so I guess that aint too bad... Wait a minute, I can go into some sort of cat form, maybe that will help.

Micheal thought about going into his beast form and concentrated hard, after 5 minutes or so of think his body started changing again. His tale grew back, his facial structure changed again and his teeth came back out. When he started talking his voice had also altered slightly.

Micheal: Alright... lets try this again...

He looked back at the building and tried again, this time he cleared the building and got on top of the roof.

Micheal: Holy shit! That was bloody amazing! Thank you cheetah...

Micheal was talking about the cheetah that bit him. Thinking about the cheetah, he checked his arm to see if the cat had harmed him. His body an fully healed.

Micheal: So... up to now I can jumped god knows how high and I can heal damn quick... Quick...

Micheal Smiled to himself and looked at the buildings infront of him. Aether city is one of the largest in the country and there was about a mile stretch of buildings infront of him. He took a few steps back and launched himself forward with unbelievable speed. The force was so powerful that the bins an stacks of paper that where on the building flew into the air.


Micheal was ruuning and jumping over buildings like it was the easiest thing in the world. He was coming up to the motorway which had a speed limit of 90 mph.


He jumped off the last building into the motorway. Some cars swerved to avoid hittimg him. Micheal set off again knocking some of the cars behind him off balance. He started zooming past the cars with imense speed and jumping over them.

Micheal: wow... this is too easy... I gotta go see JV...

Micheal was talking about Jack, a good friend of his who he has known for most of his life. Jack lived with his mother on the other side of Aether city. Jack never talked about his father, he was a Colonel in the army who disowned him when he was a child. Micheal Jumped off the side of the motorway and landed on the street. Poeple around him scream.

Micheal: Shit! I cant let you see me!

Micheal jumped onto the building next to him to avoid being caught. He ran to JV’s house and got there within 7 minutes. Micheal was apsalutly exausted.

Micheal: wow... all... that... running... has... made... me...... hungry...
This was nothing new. Micheal has always been a good eater and never gains wait,JV is the same but he doesnt haveMicheals luck and is slightly overweight. Micheal knocked on JVs door. Thinking quickly, Micheal changed back into his human form incase his mother answered the door. Sure enough, JV’s mother opened the door.

Janet: Hello Micheal, looking for Jack?
Micheal: Yeah... but first... you wouldnt happen to have any food would ya? Im Starving...
Janet: haha, always eating you are... ok, ill make some sandwiches for you and jack, anything in particular?
Micheal: Ham... ham sandwiches sound gooood...
Janet: haha, your acting very stranged today, you alright?

Micheal was already on his way upstairs.

Micheal: Yeah sure, fine just fine...
Janet: alright... if you want, ill phone your mother and tell her your staying.

Micheal thought about what his father siad and stopped JV’s mother from phoning his.

Micheal: no its alright, I cant stay tonight I have homework to do.
Janet: oh.. alright then, ill get started on those sandwhiches then...
Micheal: Thank you Ms Valentine...

Micheal set off up the rest of the stairs

Micheal: JV! Where are ya?
JV: In the garage!
Micheal: thought you where upstairs?
JV: I am!
Micheal: huh?
JV: Just come in...

Micheal went into JV’s room. It was covered in metal, tool boxes, tools and computers.

Micheal: What the fuck! Wheres your bed?
JV: just there under all those boxes.
Micheal: oh... why have you brought all your stuff up here?
JV: I feel more comfortable in here doing my work, why you here anyway? Thought you had that paper to do?
Micheal: I do... but something more important has ha-

JV’s mother burst in witha plate full of ham sandwhiches.

Janet: heres your sandwiches boys!
JV: Ma, I already told you im on a diet!
Micheal: its ok, ill have em!

Micheal snatched the tray off JV’s mother and started munching on the sandwhiches. They where gone within 2 minutes.

Janet: my! You where hungry!
JV: dude! The hell is wrong with you?

Micheal replied with a burp. JV’ mum left the room and Micheal stood back up.

Micheal: right... as I was saying, I was down at my dad’s lab last night and one of his test subjects exscaped. I was bitten by one of the cheetahs and now im different...
JV:... in what way different?

Micheal smiled and closed his eyes. He went back into beast form and JV nearly fell off his chair.

JV: woah! What the!
Micheal: Dont worry I aint gonna hurt ya, but ive got some characteristics from the cheetah.
JV: yeah... your even more butt - ugly now...
Micheal: Shut it asshole! Look, I know your good with electronics and metal, I need you to o something for me.
JV: well? What do you want?
Micheal: welll, my body isnt meant to do what it can do now, and I get tired too easily because I get too hot and exausted, so could you like, I dunno, build something for me so I dont burn out as quick?
JV: hmmm... so you want me to come up with a suit that will help you when your out?
Micheal: yeah I guess.
JV: You just wanna be the worlds first super hero dont ya?
Micheal: what? No! Well... I guess... ok yeah I do... come on, Aethers police force suck, and the army do nothing, the city needs a saviour!
JV: you have a point there... ok you’ve talked me into it...
Micheal: sweet! But im not supposed to be out right now, im supposed to be at home, so can we get started tommorow?
JV: yeah sure... just remember, this is going to take longer than you think, so you might wanna consider getting a mask or something for now if you wanna go out anytime until your armour is done.
Micheal: ill keep that in mind... Thanks JV
JV: hey, what are friends for?

Chapter 2- Introducing Cheetah

A few weeks had past since Micheal got his powers. He’d been drawing quite a lot of attention to himself with the press and the police. So far, both hated him, which in turn, led to Aether city hating him. Untill JV had finished his armour, he had to make do with street clothes and a paintball mask. It was about 1am and Micheal was running over roof tops.

Micheal: Why am I stil doing this? Maybe I should just tell JV to stop working cuz even though im tryina help, they all wanna kill me! What do I HAVE to do to get someone on my side!

Then Micheals super sense of hearing kicked in and he heard screaming from a few miles away.

Micheal: Here we go again...

Micheal followed the sound of the screaming. He stopped and sniffed up and got a scent of somthing, a womans perfume.

Micheal: Thats a woman I can smell, better go check this out I guess...

Micheal sped off again. He focused on everthing moving round him which he now had the ability to zoom in on. This helped him to locate someone from long distances which wouldnt take too long to reach once he knew where he was going. He zoomed in on a woman in a black and white biker suit struggling to stop a man who was trying to take her motorcycle.

Micheal: See, this is what I hate guys today, always gotta mug some woman cuz they cant fight other men.

As he closed in on the two, he went near the edge of the building he was on and started running on the side of it. As he got next to the thief, he luanched himself off, rolled as he landed, and punched the guy in the face sending him flying into the wall. He was knocked out cold.

Micheal: Damn... I may be much stronger now but fuckinell my punches hurt me more than it hurts them!

Micheal turned around to see the woman leaning on a wall with her arms cross smiling at him.

Micheal: Well you soon changed your tune, one minute your screaming for help you you stand there and smile?
Woman: Wow concidering your quite the animal, your not very smart, Cheetah
Micheal: So thats what there calling me now... hang on a minute... did you set this up? If your a cop im gettin out of here right now before your backup comes lady.
Woman: Trust me im no cop. My name is Sarah, but you can call me Ryder.
Micheal: Well Ryder, there must be some reason why you set this up? What do you want?
Ryder: I wanted to see you, I thought you’d be a little older and bigger to be honest. How old are you?
Micheal: Why do you ask?
Ryder: tell me your age and ill tell you mine, then ill tell you why im really here.

Micheal wasn’t one for lieing you women, or anyone except for his dad.

Micheal: Im 18, I graduated a week ago.
Ryder: wow, your the same age as I am, only I flunk out of high school when I was 15, then I join the team.
Micheal: What team?
Ryder: hop on the back and ill show you.
Micheal: id rather walk thanks
Ryder: aww whats the matter? Scared im too fast for ya?
Micheal: you are talking to me right? As far as I can tell im one of if not THEE fastest thing on the ground... right ill get your bycicle...

Micheal got on the back of the motorcycle. He hesitated at first cuz he didnt really feel like having to put his arms around her.

Micheal: right go on then.
Ryder: your gonna need to hold onto something.
Micheal: like what?

She Smiled again and started the engine.

Ryder: me.

She set off at full speed. Cheetah nearly fell off and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Micheal: Well isnt this magical... I guess this is another fine mess ya got yourself into... damn it why do I always give in to a womans wishes... WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!

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PostSubject: Re: Cheetah Chronicles   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:45 pm



Chapter 3 - New Recruit

Ryder and Cheetah both arrived at a warehouse which looked abandoned. There where no windows and the front door looked like it was about to colapse. There was some music coming in from the inside and metal clanging.

Ryder: Here we are, welcome to the base.

Ryder tried to get off the bike but Cheetah was still holding on.

Ryder: erm... Cheetah?
Cheetah: What?
Ryder: You can let go now were here.
Cheetah: Oh! Sorry my bad...

Cheetah let go imedietly. Ryder got off the bike laughing. Good thing Cheetah was wearing his paintball mask other wise she would of seen how red he had gone. Ryder opened the door to the warehouse which fell off just as cheetah had expected. She walked in and Cheetah followed. Cheetah picked up the iron door and put it back where it was. Inside were two other men, 1 wearing a black and white vest with two swords and two guns and the other wearing all black alsow with two guns and two swords. The two were training with there swords.

Ryder: Hey guys! I found him!
Leopard: who?
Panther: Cheetah obviously you dumb ass
Leopard: Oh... Hey man.
Cheetah: Hey.
Panther: Sup man.

Cheetah shook hands with both men. Both of them where wearing custom made helmets which resembled cats.

Cheetah: Nice helmets knwo where I could get one of them? Haha
Leopard: Well everyone in the team has one, ‘cept ryder of course. So your the first of our kind right?
Cheetah: What do you mean? First of what kind?
Panther: The Hybrids, ya know half man half animal.
Cheetah: Yeah I guess... so your the other two I heard about right?
Panther: Yeah, only you’ve been drawin too much attention to yourself, bad idea dude.
Leopard: cut him some slack panther, it aint his fault the press has been on his ass. By the way, you dont look much like a cheetah, cant afford a suit or something?
Cheetah: a friend of mine is making my armour as we speak, it’ll be nearly done now, only I myself dont have a cool helmet like you guys.

Panther walked away and picked up a box. He walked back with a big grin on his face and handed it to Cheetah.

Panther: Well, today’s your lucky day, welcome to the team.

Cheetah opened the box to find a silver helmet like the one Panther and Leopard where wearing.

Leopard: Of course, you’ll have to customize to look how you want it to look like we did.
Cheetah: wow... I dont know what to say.
Ryder: Thank you would be nice haha
Cheetah: haha thanks you guys.

Ryder took a seet at a table. Leopard and Panther followed so Cheetah did th same. Leoard took off his helmet and put it on the table. He had long black hair and he as obviously spanish from his accent which cheetah didnt nitce till he saw his face. Panther did the same. He had long brown hair and green eyes.

Ryder: How much money do we have left?
Leopard: not much... we spent the last of it to buy that helmet of Cheetahs. And were running low on ammo.
Ryder: damn it... what about food?
Panther: we still have enough food, my friend owns the butcher shop remember?
Ryder: im a vegitarian how many times do I have to tell you that.
Leopard: Hey Cheetah, know anywhere where we can get weapons and equipment?

Cheetah took off his mask. He thought about it for a second. Ryder was stairing at him.

Micheal: What?

Then Ryder shook her head and looked away.

Ryder: nothing sorry... I was day dreaming...
Cheetah: Ok... And yeah my friend JV, he can build anything . Hes building my armour for me and he has made weapons before for shops and collectors. You want anything he’s your man.
Panther: Sweet... but this wont come cheap will it?
Cheetah: If I can persuade him to join us he’ll do it for nothing, if you guys dont mind him tagging along obviously.
Leopard: Well I dont mind if he can fix my guns up. I need to get these sorted out the bullets keep jamming.
Panther: Well you shouldn’t throw them at people if you run out of ammo like you always do.
Leopard: it aint my fault if I run I never take enough ammo with me.
Ryder: Alphonso, you take at least 6 rounds everytime you go on a mission.
Leopard: So?
Ryder: *sigh* Nevermind... Cheetah do yuo need a ride back?
Panther: I doubt he will ive seen him run, he’s faster than you on that bike of yours.
Ryder: beats going alone bored with only yourself to talk to.
Cheetah: im lright thanks, ill be at my house in 3 minutes from here give-or-take.
Leopard: Go on let her take you home. Me and Tom need to finish our training session anyway.
Cheetah: alright, go on then.

Ryder jumped off her seat and went for the door.

Panther: Bloody hell she went faster than you then cheets, haha. Dont forget your helmet.
Cheetah: Thanks.

Cheetah picked up his helmet and put it on. It fitted him perfectly. Cheetah walked outside, putting the door back on the wall again, and got on the bike.

Ryder: You ready then?
Cheetah: Yeah im ready.
Ryder: Dont fall off again, haha

Ryder sped off again. Weaving in and out of traffic at high speed. They arrived at Cheetahs House where all the lights where off.

Cheetah: Theres my house. Where did you learn to ride a bke like that.
Ryder: My dad taught me. This was his along with my helmet before he...

Then her smile suddenly tured into a frown and her mood suddenly changed.

Cheetah: Sorry... I didnt mean to upset ya.
Ryder: no its fine you didnt know.
Cheetah: trust me to ruin the mood haha

Then Her face changed again

Ryder: What mood eh? Haha
Cheetah: erm nothing... aaaaanyway, I guess ill see you around?
Ryder: You’ll be seeing me a lot, haha

Then she put her helmet back on and spun the bike round and sped off down the road. Cheetah took off his helmet and watched her go.

Cheetah: Damn... if only id of gotten these powers earlier on in life...

Cheetah went round the back of his house and jmped through the open window in his room. He took off his clothes and got into bed. He picked up his laptop and opened his meesenger. He had an offline message from JV.

Jack: Micheal, I finished your armour now. All I gotta do is paint it. Problem is I dont have the helmet built yet so what do you want me to do?

JV was still online so Micheal opened him up in another window.

Micheal: Hey JV
JV: Hey
Micheal: Got your Message
JV: ok, so?
Micheal: I have a new helmet which Panther gave to me, ill explain everything tommorow.
JV: who the hell is Panther?
Micheal: like I said ill explain tommorow.
JV: Ok,what colour do you want your armour? Its just grey at the moment.

Micheal thought about it then looked at his helmet. He then hought about a cheetah and what they look like.

Micheal: Silver and gold.
JV: why silver and gold?]
Micheal: you’ll see tommorow, dont spray it or anything yet though I wanna see it first.
JV: obviously im not gonna do it now im tired myself.
Micheal: Ok, im off to bed now anyway. Later JV.
JV: later.
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Cheetah Chronicles
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