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 Grading Scale

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PostSubject: Grading Scale   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:00 pm

When you post a micro in the Peer Help section, you will be assigned two helpers who will grade your work. They will grade it with the following scale.

A+) Absolutely perfect, nothing to fix. (This will probably never happen, because everything can be made better!)
A) Great Micro, couple pixels out of place, everything looks good though.
A-) Again, great micro, couple things could use work, like resemblance and such.
B+) Very Good micro, a few things need to be fixed, but overall a good micro.
B) Solid micro, there are a few things wrong that need to be fixed, but solid job.
B-) Good micro, decent job, quite a few things out of place, but nothing drastic.
C+) Nice micro, nice job, again quite a few things out of place, but nothing that can't be fixed.
C) Decent micro, a lot of things out of place, but nice try.
C-) Good micro, a lot of things out of place that need fixing, this micro has a ways to go.
D+) Poor micro, could be a lot better, a lot of things are wrong and need definite fixing.
D)Poor micro, could be way better, a lot of thing that need fixing and are detacting from the micro.
F) Very poor micro, it looks like you didn't put any effort into it at all. (Again this will probably never be given because I don't think anyone here deserves the grade)

In addition to this grading scale, the tutor will give an explanation of why the picked the grade, and on what could be fixed.
They should also give positive feedback as well, if the micro has good parts, let the creator know.

Hopefully you all come to this section to get better and have fun making micros!!

Don't take any of my things without permission.

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Grading Scale
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