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Video-Game Title:
Rise of the Warrior

Microsoft Windows, X-Box 360, Playstation 3

Action, War, Sci-Fi, Adventure

Nick Anderson son of billioner John Anderson owner of TechCorp joins the US Army and eventually becomes a part of a secret SpecOps unit. After returning home after several years he begin fighting crime in his home of Noble City. He developes the identity of Warrior and use his skills to fight unjustice in his city. He is eventualy face against the treath of a former SWAT team member now known as the Bomber.

Playable Character(s):
Nick Anderson - Warrior

Unlockeble Character(s):
Striker (Fomer member of Nick's SpecOps team) (Unlocked after completing game on any difficulty)
The Bomber (Special mini game unlocked after completing game on any difficulty)

Special Player Mode(s):
1: Story mode
2: Special Forces mode (Run SpecOps mission together with Nick's team)
3: Ultimate mode (Fight against piles of super powered enemies until you die)

Main Menu:
Play Game (Difficulties: F.N.G, Soldier, Veteran, Commander) (F.N.G.=Fucking New Guy)
SpecOps (Difficulties: F.N.G, Soldier, Veteran, Commander)
Ultimate mode (Difficulties: F.N.G, Soldier, Veteran, Commander)
Cheats (Unlocked after completeing game on any difficulty) (cheat codes can still be used during first time playing) (Can not be used during Ultimate mode)

Level 1 - Movie: Nick runs through a jungle wearing camo and a M4. Is contacted through radio and is told that he has to rondevouzwith Striker and free POW from a terrorist group.
Play: Walk up to Stiker and he will tell you how to use weapons, fight, use your enviroment (jumping and Parkour) and use special equipment. Fight terrorists and free POW.

Level 2 - Movie: Nick is contacted about his father's heart attack and goes home to take care of TechCorp.
Play: Learn how to use TechCorp for equipment and weapons. Save the bank from robbers.

Level 3 - Movie: Nick developes Warrior's identity, uniform and weapons.
PLay: Free play through a hughe Noble City map fighting thugs and some Super powered villains (I love free play when you can just run around and have fun Very Happy This level is for those like me and also to master Warrior's abilities and fighting system.

Level 4 - (Triggered when player decides to)
Movie: The Bomber's past is shown and he arms himself to destroy TechCorp
Play: Fight the Bomber inside TechCorp

Level 5 - Movie: Nick does research on the Bomber.
Play: Free play (Fight thughs, spy and search for the Bomber)

Level 6 - Movie: Bomber blows up TechCorp plaza and kills 50 people includign Nick's father. Bomber stands on a large building with a small Nuke.
Play: Use the rage option to fight The Bomber. In the end choose between killing him or cripple and but in prison.

Movie: Warrior dissarm the Nuke and looks over Noble City. His voice is heard speaking.
Killing Bomber option
"The Bomber choose his destiny and so have I. The society creates it's own enemies but are to affraid to punish them. They murder and terrorise, we need to make them affraid to. My name is Warrior and i'm here to rage a War against those that brake the law, i fight for justice but for justice to prevail i need to first go after theire rules. From now on i will do to them as they has done to others... if they have stolen i will steal theire will to live... If they have murdered they will..... Die! My name is Warrior and the War continiues on"

Inprison Bomber option
"The Bomber has been stoped... for now. He will return and as he swore revenge i must be ready. There are still those that pray on fear out there. The War has started, the first battle was won by me and i cannot stop now. My name is Warrior i fight for justice and peace. Those that break the law are my enemies and they will be stoped and locked away. My name is Warrior and the War i fight... never ends!"

Level 7 - Free play (unfinished free play missions remains, some new free play missions is unlocked. new gangs are created in City and new playable character's with theire own attacks and moves are added)

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